Erik Perez
graphic designer
comic artist

When I was in kindergarten, every week my teacher would show us a tv program that guided students on how to match shapes with objects we wanted to draw. Enamored by what I learned, I began to apply those techniques and there began my passion for drawing. My first two drawings were of a man in a tv show we would watch in class and the other of a cat that was stuck in a tree. Whether I was at school or at home you could always find me with a pencil and paper drawing something.

Upon entering high school, I was introduced to New Expressions. It was a teen publication produced by Columbia College and distributed to most public and catholic high schools in Chicago. I volunteered as an illustrator and has thrilled when opportunities came up to assist with graphic design and publication layouts. Within the first year of being part of the team I was promoted to Assistant Art and Design Editor. My new position help develop my leadership skills by leading team meetings and assisting the editor periodically.

Working with New Expressions inspired me to continue to develop my skills as a graphic design and illustrator. Upon graduation from high school I applied for and was accepted into the School of Graphic Design and Multimedia at Westwood College during the winter of 2002.

Westwood College, it's professors and various faculty, introduced me to a world of computer graphics and illustration. The levels of creativity you could soar to was limitless once you applied yourself and learned tools and applications of our trade. Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Dreamweaver! Those were the tools I used to digitaly visualization what previously was only in my mind. My passion grew and with that my learning spilled outside of the classroom. I spent countless hours at home training and learning far beyond my classroom assignments. Eventual my hard work was noticed and I became a teacher's assistant and graduated as one of the top designers in my class.

When I design, I don't believe in producing less than perfect artwork. An artist once said, "Art is never finished. Only abandoned." This is true. I can always go back and add something to my pieces.

In 2012 I returned to Westwood College to further my education with a BA in Game Art and Design.