Erik Perez
When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher used to put on a TV show that would air a few times a week. This show would use a lot of shapes and guide you on how to match them to the object you wanted to draw. I started applying those techniques to my everyday life. I remember the first two drawings I produced. The first one was of the man in the TV Show we would watch in class. The second was a cat that was stuck in a tree, on our block, for a day or two. I would always draw in school and at home. My friends at school would always give me ideas and concepts.
During high school, I was introduced to a Teen Publication located in downtown Chicago, at Columbia College. The teen publication was entitled New Expressions' the paper would reach almost every public and some catholic high schools. I started out as an illustrator and would help out from time to time with their graphics and layouts. Within the first year of being a part of the team, I became Assistant Art/Design Editor. I would now lead some creative illustrative meetings and assist the editor from time to time. After graduating from high school, I attended Westwood College, in Calumet City, to help me enhance my artistic pallet. I have respect for all types of art, which has allowed me to dive into different forms of art.
While attending Westwood College in the winter of 2002, I majored in Graphic Design and Multimedia. As I began to learn the programs I was unable to just leave the learning in the classroom. I would get home and continue training in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc. I later became a teacher's assistant and graduated as one of the top designers in my graduating class. I have set my standards high, I don't believe in producing less than perfect artwork. An artist once said, "Art is never finished only abandoned." This is true; I can always go back and add something to my pieces.
I later went back to further my education and went back for my BA in Game Art and Design the fall of 2012 at Westwood College.