Financial donations: "Be Epic" and support the cause
When you donate, your donation will be used efficiently. Every dollar you spend is invested among various areas to help Erik spread his creative mini color/comic-books to many different causes, organization and children's hospital's locally. We have printed and shipped over 400 towards the end of 2015, our first attempt a total success. This contribution was made possible by some contributions and the rest personal funding towards printing, shipping and supplies. Additional help from family and friends to assist in packaging every crayon and color/comic-book. You can help by liking us on facebook (The Legendary Tails of Hero Called Epic) and spreading the word about our hero "Epic".
> Art supplies (paper, pencils, inking pens)
> Printing
> Crayons
> Packaging supplies (bags for bundles, boxes, etc.)
> Shipping
> Promotional items (pins, bookmarks, and posters)
> Any leftover funding will help keep us in production